The ResilientKids program is rooted in a theme-based curriculum that has been tested with kids from Kindergarten through high school for the past three years.  Each class will incorporate a variety of modalities from developmentally appropriate yoga poses, breath work, mindfulness activities, yoga games, discussion, journaling, storytelling, and drawing.  Students will have fun while practicing in a safe, non-competitive environment, and will gain practice as a classroom community that they themselves will develop.

In addition to the students learning these tools, the ResilientKids program also focuses on the classroom teachers.  Teachers today are under tremendous pressure to deliver test scores and cover more material often condensed into less time.  Studies show that by incorporating mindfulness and yoga that teachers gain an additional hour of teaching time each week, giving them back more ability to focus on critical subject matter. In an effort to build community among those who have implemented this program, we offer after-hours gatherings, providing an opportunity for all faculty and staff of our affiliate schools to practice yoga and mindfulness, and to share thoughts and strategies in a guided discussion.

We at ResilientKids are committed to supporting the students, the teachers, and the schools in seamlessly integrating this approach into a busy school day.

Please contact us [mailto:] to learn more about how we can incorporate the ResilientKids program into your school.