Results: Research, and our own results show that mindfulness promotes critical skills for success at school and in life.

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  • Puzzle Blog1

The Art of Puzzling

We have a summer tradition in our house. As soon as school gets out, we break open a new jigsaw puzzle. It has become our way of easing into the summer with a shared project […]

  • Omega Seed

Planting Seeds

I have a small collection of two kinds of rocks. I search out heart-shaped or striped ones from special places I’ve visited. As the collection has grown, I’ve realized I never labeled their origin, so […]

  • Unknown

Tennis Anyone?

Split. Bounce. Finish.

Split. Bounce. Finish.

After an intense game of doubles last weekend, Larry Sack, of SPOT Tennis offered me a few rounds with the ball machine. His advice was simple: “With each split step, […]

  • Cashew

A “new” way to practice

I have recently found myself practicing a new form of mindfulness called “bunny-watching”. We adopted Cashew about three weeks ago and he has charmed his way into our whole family’s hearts. I find myself laying […]

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