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Results: Research, and our own results show that mindfulness promotes critical skills for success at school and in life.

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Doodling as a stepping stone…

"I think we're on to something," one of our instructors said after doing a doodling activity in an elementary school classroom dedicated to students with special needs. He told me about how the room really [...]

Mindfulness off the cushion?

I recently read the “Mindfulness Gets a Hobby” article on that talks about how mindfulness practices are often missing the playfulness and creativity that allow one to really open up, embrace, and enjoy mindfulness [...]

Busy Anyone?

One of my favorite traditions at the start of every year is posting the new kitchen calendar for the family. The one I purchased for 2016 has the extra large boxes for each day so [...]

Holiday Stress?!

Here come the holidays… and along with them, all kinds of stress. I recently watched the “How to Make Stress Your Friend” Ted talk again, and was reminded that a simple shift in mindset can [...]

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